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Confirmed 0x8 Speakers/Abstracts/Bios
Keynotes (50 Minute)
  • Allan Cecil - "TASBot"
    • Abstract: TASBot is an augmented Nintendo R.O.B. robot that can play video games without any of the button mashing limitations us humans have. By pretending to be a controller connected to a game console, TASBot triggers glitches and exploits weaknesses to execute arbitrary opcodes and rewrite games. This talk will explore the idea that breaking video games using Tool-Assisted emulators can be a fun way to learn the basics of discovering security vulnerabilities, finishing by connecting an SNES directly to the internet and allowing the audience to interact with it. An overview of some of the details that will be described in the talk can be found in an article I coauthored for the PoC||GTFO journal (Issue 0x10, Pokemon Plays Twitch, page 6).
    • Bio: Allan Cecil (dwangoAC) is the President of the North Bay Linux User's Group (http://NBLUG.org). He acts as an ambassador for TASVideos.org, a website devoted to using emulators to complete video games as quickly as the hardware allows. He participates in Games Done Quick (http://gamesdonequick.com) charity speedrunning marathons using TASBot to entertain viewers with never-before-seen glitches in games. By day, he is a senior engineer at Ciena Corporation working on OpenStack Network Functions Virtualization orchestration and Linux packet performance optimization testing.
  • Samy Kamkar - "TBA"
    • Abstract: TBA
    • Bio: Samy Kamkar is an independent security researcher, best known for creating The MySpace worm, the fastest spreading virus of all time. His open source software and research highlights the insecurities and privacy implications in every day technologies, from the Evercookie which produces virtually immutable respawning cookies to SkyJack, a drone that wirelessly hijacks and autonomously controls other drones. His work has been cited by the NSA, triggered hearings on Capitol Hill, and has been the basis for security advancements across virtually all web browsers, smartphones, and other technologies.
  • Micah Zenko - "TBA"
    • Abstract: TBA
    • Bio: Micah Zenko is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Previously, he worked at Harvardís Kennedy School of Government, Congressional Research Service, and the State Departmentís Office of Policy Planning. His blog, Politics, Power, and Preventive Action, covers US national security policy and conflict prevention, and he writes a column on ForeignPolicy.com. Zenko consults with military commands, law enforcement agencies, the private sector, and nonprofit research organizations. He is the author or co-author of five Council Special Reports, on topics such as armed drones and nuclear weapons, and author of two books: Between Threats and War and Red Team: How to Succeed by Thinking Like the Enemy. Zenko has a PhD in political science from Brandeis University, and a Wisconsin bartender license.
  • $NAME - "$TITLE"
    • Abstract: TBA
    • Bio: Created: TBA
FULL Length (50 Minute)
  • $NAME - "$TITLE"
    • Abstract: TBA
    • Bio: Created: TBA
TURBO Talks (25 Minute)
  • $NAME - "$TITLE"
    • Abstract: TBA
    • Bio: Created: TBA
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